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survey for the left-handed.

Hello all.

I need help from left handers everywhere. I hope you can help me spread this questionaire (only 15 questions) to all the left handers you know. I am gathering information for a research. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!

i hope you can give me more than one-word answers.

name (optional) ::
age ::
sex ::
occupation ::
location / country ::

01. Describe your handwriting. (cursive, neat, rounded, etc)

02. What are your favourite subjects in school? (mathematics/ art/ science, etc.)

03. Favourite past times/hobby?

04. How does it feel like being a left hander in this right-handed dominated world?

05. What are the difficulties you faced or still facing as a left hander?

06. Specify a few things that you can do very well with your right hand

07. And what can you NOT do with your right hand?

08. Family members are left handers?

09. Love being a left-hander? ever wished you were a right-hander?

10. Ever been forced to write / do things with your right hand?

11. More cuts/burns/wounds on which hand?

13. Advantages of a left hander?

14. Disadvantages of a left hander?

15. Speak for your left hand. what would your left hand say or think of being a left hand? happy? depressed? discriminated? or something else?

which hand you do these things with?

drink ::
hold spoon ::
flip page ::
answer a phone call ::
carry a bag of groceries ::
press a elevator button ::
use a pair of scissors ::
draw ::
throwing ::
strike match ::
open box / lid ::

Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you so much for taking time to fill this out!
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