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We all live in a yellow platelet.

Cult of Unsatisfied Singaporean Nerd Wannabes
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Ljspores typically live in Singapore, are familiar with a variety of artistic pursuits that the National Arts Council chooses to ignore, unabashedly enjoy living on an urban island, and find humour in biology puns (or at least I do).

Additionally, Ljspores tend to be unconventional in choices of clothing, have harboured thoughts of basking as a profession, and enjoy riding up the elevators of UOB Plaza.

Think you're an Ljspore?

Post your poetry, prose, photographs, eloquent rantings and artwork! Feel free to discuss national education! We are oh-so-secretly patriotic, though we'd rather hold a riot than a rally.

Moderated by _swastika, co-moderated by apogean.