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Ego Flamingo

Posted on behalf of the artist.
Moderators, please remove if you feel it is inappropriate.

Watch as I unfold a haunting yet spiritual introspection of Flamingo, a
man that thinks he was a flamingo, or is it a flamingo that thinks it is a

Whatever perspective you may take, be prepared to be thrilled by live
dancing interaction with translucent images, vocalisations and the
transformation of the Play Den at the Arts House into a flamingo pond.

Ego Flamingo spreads its wings from the 18th to 27th November 2004,
9pm at the Arts House.

Other challenging highlights:
(1) self-composed music
(2) songs (including vocalised version of Beethovan's Fur Elise)
(3) contemporary male dancer en pointe
(4) fun facts about flamingos

For more information, please follow the link below:

Also, take a peep at Spy at the Gallery of the Arts House 8pm, same
running dates as Ego Flamingo...

With Sincere Desire for Connection,

Tan How Choon
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